A Sense of Home

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Tags: Narendra, Indian literature, memoir, Abujhmad, childhood, village life, natural beauty, rich culture, loss, displacement, longing, non-fiction.

A Sense of Home: Abujhmad and a Childhood Village is a poignant memoir by Narendra, which recounts his experiences growing up in the remote Abujhmad region of India. The book takes readers on a journey through Narendra's childhood, as he navigates the rugged terrain of Abujhmad and learns to understand the customs and traditions of his people. From hunting trips in the forest to attending village festivals, Narendra's story is a celebration of the natural beauty and rich culture of his homeland. But it is also a story of loss and displacement, as Narendra is forced to leave Abujhmad and make a new life in the city. Through it all, he retains a deep connection to his roots and a sense of longing for the simple life he left behind.

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